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Cardiac Dynamics: A Simplified Model for Action Potential Propagation
A. Peñaranda, I.R. Cantalapiedra, J. Bragard, and B. Echebarria, submitted to Journal of Theoretical Biology

Papers in refereed journals

Supernormal conduction in cardiac tissue promotes concordant alternans and action potential bunching
B. Echebarria, G. Röder, H. Engel, J. Davidsen, and M. Bär
Physical Review E 83, R040902 (2011).

Phase-2 reentry in cardiac tissue: Role of the slow calcium pulse
I.R. Cantalapiedra, A. Peñaranda, B. Echebarria, and J. Bragard
Physical Review E 82, 011907 (2010).

Onset of sidebranching in directional solidification
B. Echebarria, A. Karma, and S. Gurevich
Physical Review E 81, 021608 (2010).

Growth kinetics of nanometric dendrites in metal-carbon thin films
C. Corbella, B. Echebarria, L. Ramírez-Piscina, E. Pascual, J-L. Andújar, and E. Bertran
Acta Materialia 57, 4948-4956 (2009).

Reexcitation mechanisms in epicardial tissue: Role of Ito density heterogeneities and INa inactivation kinetics
I.R. Cantalapiedra, A. Peñaranda, L. Mont, J. Brugada, and B. Echebarria
Journal of Theoretical Biology 259, 850-859 (2009).

Characterization of the nonlinear content of the heart rate dynamics during myocardial ischemia
R. Benitez, E. Alvarez-Lacalle, B. Echebarria, P. Gomis, M. Vallverdu, and P. Caminal
Medical Engineering & Physics 31, 660-667 (2009).

Global coupling in excitable media provides a simplified description of mechano-electrical feedback in cardiac tissue
E. Alvarez-Lacalle and B. Echebarria
Physical Review E 79, 031921 (2009).

Amplitude equation approach to spatiotemporal dynamics of cardiac alternans
B. Echebarria , A. Karma
Physical Review E 76, 051911 (2007).

Mechanisms for initiation of cardiac discordant alternans
B. Echebarria , A. Karma
European Physical Journal Special Topics 146, 217-231 (2007).

Nonequilibrium Ribbon Model of Twisted Scroll Waves
B. Echebarria, V. Hakim, and H. Henry
Physical Review Letters 96, 098301 (2006).

Spontaneous formation of nanometric multilayers of metal-carbon films by up-hill diffusion during growth
C. Corbella, B. Echebarria, L. Ramírez-Piscina, E. Pascual, J-L. Andújar, and E. Bertran
Applied Physics Letters 87, 213117 (2005).

Necessity of investigating microstructure formation during directional solidification of transparent alloys in 3D
N. Bergeon, R. Trivedi, B. Billia, B. Echebarria, A. Karma, S. Liu, C. Weiss, and N. Mangelinck
Advances in Space Research 36, 80-85 (2005).

In Situ Characterization of Interface-Microstructure Dynamics in 3D-Directional Solidification of Model Transparent Alloys
R. Trivedi, N. Bergeon, B. Billia, B. Echebarria, A Karma, S. Liu, N. Mangelinck and C. Weiss
Microgravity Science and Technology 16, 133-137 (2005).

Quantitative phase-field model of alloy solidification
B. Echebarria, R. Folch, A. Karma, and M. Plapp,
Physical Review E 70, 061604 (2004).

Hydrothermal waves and corotating rolls in laterally heated convection in simple liquids
C. Pérez-García, S. Madruga, B. Echebarria, G. Lebon, and J. Burguete,
J. of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics 29, 377-388 (2004).

Spatiotemporal Control of Cardiac Alternans
B. Echebarria and A. Karma,
Chaos 12, 923-930 (2002).

Instability and Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Alternans in Paced Cardiac Tissue
B. Echebarria and A. Karma,
Physical Review Letters 88 208101, 2002.

Sideband Instabilities and Defects of Quasipatterns
B. Echebarria and H. Riecke.
Physica D 158, 45-68, 2001.

Stability of Hexagonal Patterns in Bénard-Marangoni convection
B. Echebarria and C. Pérez-García.
Physical Review E 63, 066307, 2001.

Stability of Oscillating Hexagons in Rotating Convection
B. Echebarria and H. Riecke.
Physica D 143, 187-204, 2000.

Defect Chaos of Oscillating Hexagons in Rotating Convection
B. Echebarria and H. Riecke.
Physical Review Letters 84, 4838-4841, 2000.

Instabilities of hexagonal patterns with broken chiral symmetry
B. Echebarria and H. Riecke.
Physica D 139, 97-108, 2000.

Phase instabilities in hexagonal patterns
B. Echebarria and C. Pérez-García.
Europhysics Letters 43, 35-40, 1998.

Thermal properties in surface-tension-driven convection
C. Pérez-García, B. Echebarria and M. Bestehorn
Physical Review E 57, 475-481, 1998.

Resonant interactions in Bénard-Marangoni convection in cylindrical containers
B. Echebarria, D. Krmpotic and C. Pérez-García
Physica D 99, 487-502, 1997.

Bénard-Marangoni convection in small aspect ratio containers
D. Maza, B. Echebarria, C. Pérez-García and H. Mancini.
Physica Scripta 67, 82-85, 1996.

Articles in proceedings

Slow Pulse due to Calcium Current induces Phase-2 Reentry in Heterogeneous Tissue
A. Peñaranda, I.R. Cantalapiedra, B. Echebarria
Computing in Cardiology 2010, 661 (2010).

Oscillatory Regime in Excitatory Media with Global Coupling: Application to Cardiac Dynamics
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J.F. Rodriguez,B. Echebarria
Computers in Cardiology 2008, 189-192 (2008).

Microstructural Scaling Relationships in Cellular Patterns
R. Trivedi, S. Liu, B. Echebarria, and A. Karma.
"Solidication processes and microstructures: A Symposium in Honor of Prof. W. Kurz'', M. Rappaz, C. Beckermann, and R. Trivedi, editors (TMS press), 2004.

Stability of hexagonal patterns in a generalized Swift-Hohenberg equation
C. Pérez-García, B. Peña and B. Echebarria.
"Space-Time Chaos: Characterization, Control and Synchronization''
World Scientific, Singapur, 123-135, 2001.

Instabilities and Defect Chaos in Models for Rotating Non-Boussinesq Convection
H. Riecke, B. Echebarria, V. Moroz and F. Sain.
Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Energy Engineering Sciences, Argonne National Lab., May 2000.

Bénard Cells: A Centennial Puzzle
C. Pérez-García and B. Echebarria.
"Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures VI" (Valparaíso, 1995), 165-176, E. Tirapegui and W. Zeller, eds. (Kluwer, Dordrecht, 2000).

Bénard instability: A century later
C. Pérez-García and B. Echebarria.
"Des Phénomènes Critiques au Chaos" (Colloque scientifique à la mèmoire de Pierre Bergé). P. Manneville editor, CEA, Saclay, 113-122, 1998.

Popular Science Articles

Modelització matemàtica de la dinàmica cardíaca
B. Echebarria
Omnis Cellula 18, 16-21 (2008).

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