Instability mechanisms and transition scenarios of spiral turbulence in Taylor-Couette flow

Meseguer, A., Mellibovsky, F., Avila, M. and Marques, F.

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(b) (Ro,Ri)=(-1200,600)

FIG. 1. Spiral turbulence between counterrotating concentric cylinders (outer cylinder rotating clockwise). (b) Annular cross section of axial vorticity distribution.

(c) ISP, Ri=480 (d) INT, Ri=520
(e) INT, Ri=530 (f) SPT, Ri=600

FIG. 5. Radial vorticity at intermediate radial surface rm=8.21 for Ro=-1200. ISP, interpenetrating spirals; INT, intermittency; SPT, spiral turbulence.